low angle photography of beige building.Of all the crimes and misdemeanours I have seen, all the improbable tales and shocking lies in the witness box, what sticks with me most about the criminal justice system is the utter simplicity of the one thing that lies behind almost all of it.

People want to take drugs and nothing will stop them. Some people take lots of drugs all the time, others take a few drugs some of the time, and of course some never take any at all (or at least will not admit it), or just stick to drugs which are legal.

The profit from drugs fuels the underworld of organised crime. It encourages people to take unimaginable risks, even though they have everything to lose.

The single most rational, brave and kind decision, for all those suffering from drug-related crime, which is all of us, would be to legalise the lot. As a happy but incidental benefit, this would rid the world of one of the most unpopular groups of all — defence lawyers.

Chris Daw QC is a barrister who specialises in serious crime, fraud, business regulation and professional discipline.

Read more: https://www.spectator.co.uk/2019/05/as-a-qc-i-believe-the-time-has-come-to-legalise-drugs/

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