Silver fork and knife on plate with sad face on it.It is known that THC is responsible for the high that weed is known best for, and for that sudden onset of insatiable hunger.
Given the fact that full-spectrum (whole plant extract) CBD has been shown to work in many of the same ways as other cannabinoids, is it also capable of increasing appetite without providing any sort of mind-altering, psychoactive high?
The non-psychoactive element of marijuana may potentially have some of the same chemical and physiological characteristics that allow other active cannabinoids to work as an appetite-stimulant — which would make it perfect for patient’s who don’t want to get high!
While the majority of research into cannabis’ ability to cause hunger relates to the cannabinoid THC, it is impossible not to recognize CBD as a useful compound in this area as well, albeit perhaps not in the traditional sense of producing the munchies.
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