man kissing woman's forehead while lying on bed.

CBD. It’s the hottest abbreviation on everyone’s lips, and between everyone’s lips, as well. People are ingesting it in myriad ways, including as a dessert topper, as a wedding gift and now, a sleep aid.

Counting sheep is for the birds, claim cannabis experts and the growing multitude of CBD converts, including thousands of moms who swear that CBD offers relaxing properties that can’t be found in other products.

“I’ve found that some CBD products work faster, better and last longer than sleeping pills, all of which help my sleep more than I can say. I hear that a lot from people that use it.”, said Celia Behar, founder of Mellow Out Mama and a mother of two.

Some users indicate that CBD’s purported benefits, such as a restful night’s sleep, are amplified when used in conjunction with THC. This is why some CBD products that you might find in dispensaries contain both elements.

Whether you pair your CBD with THC, chill music, moody candlelight, or go it alone, it’s becoming more evident that CBD may offer a direct line to la la land for those who need it most.

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