Group of people on grass field under sunny day.While listening to music and enjoying the festival atmosphere were clear motivators, many attendees wanted to advocate an open discourse around cannabis use.

“It’s an opportunity to talk to people who are interested in cannabis,” said Barny de Hoedt, the editor of a magazine about cannabis culture called Quarter Leaf.

Others spoke of the other uses of the cannabis plant, such as the product hemp, which can then be used to create other items.

Adam Ohman, a hemp producer, spoke of the “positive uses” of the item and in regards of cannabis, he called for “decriminalisation with some form of regulation”.

Police had put up signs stating the use of cannabis was illegal in the park and patrolled the area.The grounds were set to be cleared of those involved in 420 at 5 PM. 

It has been suggested that the number 420 came from the penal code the Californian police used to categorise cannabis cases.

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