A CBD information centre has opened in Blackburn, and its owner says he wants to educate people about the facts of medicinal cannabis and stop the sale of fake products.

Run and funded by Steven Ball, the centre claims to be the first in the UK to provide comprehensive and detailed information and advice about CBD.

The journey started halfway way through 2018, when there was a news report about a little girl from Preston, Olivia Heary, who suffered from over 100 seizures a day due to her epilepsy. Mr. Ball said six weeks after first seeing the story he heard the family had decided to use CBD hemp oil and Olivia’s seizures had halved. 

“I was annoyed by Olivia’s doctor for not letting her parents try CBD as it’s a natural product, but her doctor wanted her to carry-on using pharmaceutical medications, which were making her feel worse.”, he said.

“In our centre we’ve got videos about the differences in CBD oils and information leaflets on where to buy genuine products.”, said Mr. Ball. 

Mr. Ball’s C.B.D information centre is located in Suite 14, Kings Court, King Street, Blackburn.

Read more: https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/17559815.uks-first-cbd-information-centre-opens-in-blackburn/

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