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Around a third of women in the US have used cannabis before sex and those who do say they experienced increased desire and better orgasms, a study has found.

A study carried out by Dr Becky Lynn of Saint Louis University School of Medicine and colleagues, published in journal Sexual Medicine, found women who used marijuana before sex were twice as likely as those who did not to say they had “satisfactory” orgasms.

373 female patients were surveyed at an obstetrics and gynaecology practice in an academic medical centre in Saint Louis, Missouri. 127 women, or 34 percent, reported using marijuana before sexual activity.

Overall, 197 women in the study, or about 52 percent, did not use cannabis at all. Another 49 women, or 13 percent, used the drug but not before having sex.

The researchers found that women who did use cannabis before sex appeared to have more lubrication and less pain during intercourse than women who did not.

 Read more: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/marijuana-sex-women-weed-cannabis-smoke-orgasm-a8867756.html

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