Recent research discovered that regular cannabis consumption may have the ability to impact a plethora of hormones including, but not limited to: estrogen, testosterone, and growth hormones.

However, studies has focused more on the relationship between cannabis and hormone production in males than in females. And we know that cannabis consumption results in a testosterone production increase.

To learn more about the link between cannabis and hormone production in women, more research must be conducted including human clinical trials.

Moreover, there isn’t much research on the impact cannabis usage has on other hormones such as body’s thyroid.

Overall, more research must be executed to fully understand how cannabis influences and impacts the endocrine system and hormone production.

Although cannabinoids can deliver analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, antidepressant properties, and many more benefits, future discoveries will continue to be made regarding the body’s endocrine system and how cannabis impacts hormone production.

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