The study found a huge decrease in benzodiazepine use among patients on starting medical cannabis treatment.

Two months in the wake of starting to take medicinal cannabis, 30.1% of patients in the examination who had recently been normally utilising benzodiazepines had quit taking the medication – this number ascending to 45.2% of patients a half year subsequent to starting restorative cannabis treatment.

After three facility visits, the quantity of patients announcing this high effect on personal satisfaction had tumbled to 45% in the gathering of patients who had kept taking benzodiazepines, and only 30.3% of patients who detailed ceasing their utilisation.

In the discourse area of the paper, the specialists stress that “The observed association between medical cannabis use and benzodiazepine discontinuation should not be misinterpreted as causative, and these results do not support inferences about substitution of medical cannabis for benzodiazepine therapy.” The small sample size of the examination is in charge of this to some extent, yet in addition the suitability of restorative cannabis to supplant benzodiazepine treatment must be set up through randomized clinical preliminaries, and the improvement of reliable security information.

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