Dr. Michael Moskowitz, of San Rafael, president of the Bay Area Pain Medical Associates and a local psychiatrist, is the founder of the Medical Cannabis Research Consortium of Marin, which has been studying THCV. He began recommending medical cannabis to patients in 2015 and found it had several subjective benefits, including individuals reducing psychiatric and opioid pain medication use.

Longtime Marin County resident George Bianchini, founder of the medical cannabis company Medi-Cone, said he accidentally stumbled upon the strain of cannabis that produces high amounts of THCV. He found the strain that later came to be known as “Black Beauty” several years ago when he and a research partner, Ed Rosenthal, were mutating the genotypes of the plant.

The Marin-based medical cannabis consortium said the ultimate goal is to get a federally-approved pharmaceutical drug containing THCV. By having a licensed pharmaceutical company through Liposome Formulations on its side, Bianchini said they’ve got a leg up.

Read more here: https://www.mercurynews.com/2018/12/04/bay-area-cannabis-researchers-claim-breakthrough-against-chronic-diseases/

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