On Nov. 1, medical cannabis became available with a doctor’s prescription in the United Kingdom – at least legally. It’s early yet – less than a week in – but there’s already a significant problem with the medical marijuana program in the UK: Nobody, including the very people whose personal odysseys inspired the “Change” in the law, appears to be able to access any of this now-mythical legal medical cannabis.

According to members of Parliament interviewed by the Belfast Telegraph, the actual medical guidance offered to doctors and other gatekeepers standing between patients and their preferred medicine is acting as a roadblock, a “Botched and cruel” affair that means very little on the ground has changed.

“Due to the limited evidence base, the Government are only allowing prescription of cannabis products to be administered by those clinicians listed on the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council and to patients where there is a clinical need which cannot be met by a licensed medicine and all other treatment options have been exhausted,” as the British Brain Tumour Charity explained.

“NHS England announced very few patients will actually be eligible for a prescription and we’re calling on the Government to urgently review the interim guidance for the prescription of cannabis-based medicinal products,” the charity wrote on its website on Nov. 3.

Read more here: https://cannabisnow.com/despite-new-access-u-k-medical-patients-have-no-marijuana/

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