“My son is proof medicinal cannabis works.”

Alfie with his mother Hannah, father Drew and sister Annie who were forced to move to Holland for him to get medical cannabis treatment (Photo: Hannah Deacon; Source: inews.co.uk)

Alfie, now six, had been pumped with steroids his whole life that were making him aggressive and he would often hit his sister, Annie, three. His family feared she may have come to serious harm by the time he reached adult size.

Desperate to save him before he suffered lasting brain damage, last year they moved to Holland for five months so he could be prescribed medical cannabis, where it is legal. After six weeks the boy’s condition dramatically improved.

But it wasn’t legal in the UK and she began her high-profile campaign to battle for her child to be access it on the NHS – and in June a special licence was granted and she became the first person to legally enter UK with cannabis oil.

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